The Glitter Beach Foundation - Registered Charity Number SC042349
The Glitter Beach Foundation Aims
The Glitter Beach Foundation aims to build a respite holiday house in Millport Isle Of Cumbrae, providing luxurious respite holiday accommodation in a tranquil atmosphere set in picturesque surroundings.
Dignity Cove Respite Cottages ,will provide care, aiding the  patients  recovery, the opportunity to have a relaxing family holiday to regenerate their spirits, offering a range of holistic approach  councelling and support to help patients cope with the trauma of  their surgery and disease.
The cottages will be available to Stoma Patients, Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients, Bowel & Uritary Cancer patients
Future Referrals for a weeks holiday will come via Stoma Nurses, GP's, Consultants and various charitable bodies.
We aim to raise £250,000 to buy and renovate the house to the highest standard, offering patients a memorable and happy weeks holiday to aid their wellbeing and recovery.
The Foundation has also  introduced a Buddy System, Patient Forum, and will donate money annually into Crohns Disease  research, in the hope that one day we will  find a cure for this debiltating, painfull disease, contributing to giving patients a better and brighter future.
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